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Artisanal Enchantment

Each Hamaji creation is a result of artisanal collaboration between our global network of artisans where we weave ancestral techniques with contemporary ideas. Working mostly with women in remote corners of Kenya and India it is our mission to foster a portal of connection and co creation to promote these hand techniques and traditions.

Himalayas, India

Kullvi Whims

A labor of love born deep in the Himalayas through collaboration with Kullvi Whims, a women's collective dedicated to preserving the rich traditions of wool spinning and weaving in the Kullu Valley. Handcrafted from indigenous wool sourced from the Gaddis, the Himalayan pastoral tribe, these coats are naturally dyed using local flora, embodying the very essence of the mountains and hand woven into these magical coats. Each woven motif tells a story, weaving the narratives of the women who craft them.

Mt. Kenya region, Kenya

Beatrice & Stella

Two sisters from the Kikuyu tribe nesteled on the foot hills of Mt. Kenya. Beatrice and Stella hand knit all of our knitted pieces with a combination of hand spun silk and cotton. Stella also embelishes our silk dresses with crochet detailing. Through their craft they can now earn a living and work from the comfort of their homes.

"Hamaji has given me the opportunity to earn a living for my family and the exposure to showcase my knitting and crocheting skills to the world"

Woven Fabric Studio

Deep in rural West Bengal lies a small village called Berhampore. A village steeped in the age old tradtion of silk farming, spinning and weaving. This is where all of our hand woven peace / ahimsa silk comes from. As the name implies, ahimsa (meaning non-harmful in Hindu) is silk made through a cruelty-free process that is kinder to all the life forms on this planet. It has been invented in India and is based on the principles of respecting and honouring nature.

Hand Loom Weaving

All our handloom garments are made at a local Looming factory in Nairoibi under Gladys Abode. Here they employ over 30 traditional hand loomers who spend their days weaving and mastering the art of hand woven cottons.


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